Pink Dot – Hong Lim Park

Today in Singapore it was the 10th Pink Dot (our version of the pride parade) event in Singapore. The only place it’s allowed to be held is the speakers corner and since 2016 it’s only been open to Singaporeans and PRs. I’ve wanted to attend for a few years but a fear of going alone to a crowded event put me off. So when I saw calls for volunteers this year I signed up. I ended up having a fantastic time manning the barricades and then being part of the lighting up formation. Being near the entry gates I got to see everyone who was attending and it was nice cross section of the population. The obvious 20s to 40s were the majority but there were plenty of families with children dogs grandparents and even older folk who seemed to be attending on their own. The atmosphere felt like a carnival or picnic (it kind of was) and people were very considerate in being in such a cramped conditions when the crowds packed up. An interesting moment was when the Singapore flag flew past (There were rehearsals for the national day parade) and the whole park sang the national anthem.

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