Continued fascination with burial places – Jalan Kubor

Today in Singapore I joined a walk through Jalan Kubor. I’d “discovered” it a couple of years ago and brought audience of one here since I thought it was unique but didn’t know much about it. The walk was led by a lady who is new to Singapore but had taken an interest in it as was in her neighbourhood! It contains an area that has tombs of the family and household Sultan Hussein Shah and appears in old maps as Tombs of Malayan Princes. Many members of the Aljuneid family were also buried here and a large enclosed structure (maybe a mausoleum) is found in that part of the cemetery.

I found out that the graves had head stones and foot stones something which I hadn’t noticed before as they seemed to be rather haphazard. Writing on some of the stones still remain. We saw Arabic, Lontara and Malay inscriptions but there are supposed to be more rare Chinese, English and Gujarati inscriptions as well. The shape of the stones themselves were typically from Malay traditions with occasional Ottoman influences.

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