Another side to the island of fun – Sentosa

Today in Singapore we got to explore some of the forgotten parts of Singapore. First up was the Sijori mini golf … Or rather what was left of it. I think I remember that on my first visit to the island it was still functional but seemed to have closed down in the interim and has now been quickly taken over by the foliage. It looked rather post apocalyptic.

We walked along a trail that is set upon the old monorail track; another thing I’ve actually used and came to the Imbriah trail. The fun part about this trail were the random animal sculptures including lions birds oversized insects and dragons. We also spotted real wildlife like peacocks and the moults of cicadas while continuously surrounded by their noise

Along the trail is the Imbriah battery and the remains of its gun position .

Finally some scrambling brought us to an old coastal searchlight outpost which has maybe due to the difficulty of access remained untouched by vandalism.

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