Ruins on the island of fun – Fort Serapong

Today in Singapore we got to feel a bit like Indiana Jones as we trekked through the forests and crawled through spaces to explore the remains of Fort Serapong. For most Sentosa is synonymous with universal studios and other similar attractions. It has a slightly Disney land feel to the whole place. But somewhere in the middle lies the ruins of this fort. Along with Fort Siloso, Fort Connaught and Imbriah formed the coastal defence for Singapore. It was built in the late 1800s and initially had 8inch guns which were later replaced with 9.2inch guns as well as 6inch guns. When the war came to Singapore they were not very effective as they were invaded from the land rather than the sea. The guns could turn inward however they may not have been used as extensively as intended. The complex now has the remains of the gun emplacements along with the casemate, hoists, trenches around the fort and even underground bunker and command center. Some of the stuctures are from a later period including the command post for fort Connaught. The guides told us there used to be a range finder there but it was looted and only the tracks remain. As it is primarily an archaeological area and otherwise left to nature the structure is rather unsafe, with places collapsing either due to falling trees or just age and ventilation shafts being blocked by vegetation leaving some of the underground areas without air. It extremely interesting to be able to explore this place of living history … wonder what will happen to it eventually.

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