Off the beaten track – Bukit Timah

Today in Singapore, we went on a trek through the Bukit Timah nature reserve. The pictures uploaded in reverse so I’ll walk you through backwards. We ended up at the Dairy Farm quarry. The park has 3 quarries so I’d love to come back and explore the other two (which have water). The guys leading the trail showed us to a bit where we could scramble midway up the quarry walls. It was nice and cool there as the rocks protected the area from the harsh sun.

Some time in the early to mid 1900s a dairy farm was established in the area (hence the name) and a refurbished cowshed now forms the visitors center.

Walking through the nature reserve to get to the quarry we found a series of caves along the “cave trail”. Supposedly they were built during WW2 perhaps for storage. One of the caves ends in the quarry and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel of that one!

We started our walk that day at the Bukit Timah railway station. It was mainly a freight interchange on the line that ran to Malaysia from the city center and was closed down with the closing of the line. Only few sections of the tracks remain and the station and nearby bridge are some of those sections. The station itself is now fenced off but I hope they’ll reopen it once the construction along the corridor is completed.

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