Something New – Broombridge

Today in Dublin I series of bizarre travel choices found me at the end of my working day without a car to drive home. It seemed like a good excuse to try the new “cross city” Luas line. The new line terminates in Broombridge (for the audience of one – you know the canal walk where you had a total nerd attack when you found the Maths plaque, it’s near there) which is about 10 mins drive from my office.

I got a lift to the station and then had a choice to take the train or Luas. The Luas was new and novel and happened to arrive first so it won.

I managed my office to home in about 45 mins at rush hour. This is with all connections falling favourably and about 10 mins walk from the Luas to Dart at Connelly.

nice to see something new built in the area as it’s kinda industrial and rundown. It has a “new Detroit” from Robocop kind of feel to the area.

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