Accidental mass – Cathedral of the Good Shepherd 

Today in Singapore I went to poke about the cathedral of the Good shepherd. It had undergone restoration works and was reopened last year.  It’s the oldest Catholic church in the country, though 1840s seems modern by some standards. 

An interesting titbit is that the cornerstone was laid by one John Connolly who was a merchant but originally from Tullamore Ireland. I resisted the urge to actually the guide when he said he was a British merchant. 

The church gets its name from Saint Laurent Marie Joseph Imbert who martyed in Korea when he surrendered himself and 2 other priests to save his “flock”. A relic of his is preserved in the cathedral. 

They also had a lovely replica of the Pieta near the entrance.  Turns out it was made from a bronze cast of the original. The cat was made during the war as an insurance in case the original was lost or destroyed. 

The walls of the chapel have several paintings which were originally owned by the nuns accross the road at CHIJMES.

While the architecture of the cathedral is very European it also has large louvered windows all around as a necessity of the tropical climate. The windows contain green glass which are of different shades… Turns out it is because some were replaced as needed, the darker ones being older!

There is also a beautiful rectory next to the cathedral.

The rain had started when the tour ended so I hung around and found myself accidentally attending mass. The choir was very nice but I retreated outside as the place was getting packed. 

2 thoughts on “Accidental mass – Cathedral of the Good Shepherd 

  1. Actually if he laid the stone in the 1840’s he was “British” but that is the sort of comment that starts riots 😀

    My Mother grew up in a town near Tullamore called Daingean. This is where the gaol that many people were imprisoned before being sent to Oz

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