History abandoned and restored – Dempsey Hill

Toady in Singapore I went on a trek around the Dempsey Hill area. After walking through the dawson appartmenrs we ventured into a thick forest behind it. We suddenly came upon ruins that looked right out of tomb raider. Nature is merciless and the structures had trees growing around in and through them. They are apparently ammunition bunkers for the British army servicing a nearby camp and were probably built in the 40s.

Coming out of the forested area we came upon what looked like an arena. Turns out there used to be schools in this region and this is the remains of their sports field.

Bashing through the forest also brought us face to face with this guy who was pretty easy to miss in all the green. Wonder how many more of his friends we walked by.

We left the forest behind and walked along a very posh neighbourhood. On one side were the colonial black and white bungalows and on the other palatial new residences which contained enough sports cars for the entirely family. 

Suddenly we come upon a large over grown area with abandoned buildings peeling through the folliage. This was the Tanglin Brunei hostel setup by the Brunei govt in the 50s when it sent students here for education.  Unfortunately due to it being owned by a foreign govt, and increased vandalism the site is now closed.  There are lot of pictures here from purple who have managed to go in in the past.  https://remembersingapore.org/tanglin-hill-brunei-hostel/

We then came upon Loewen which now has shops and restaurants but used to be a military hospital in the past. It was part of the Tanglin camp and built in the 1870s. 

Down a staircase from Dempsey Hill next to the football fields was another ruin. This time a firing range which included storage/resting areas and a target wall ridden with bullet holes.  It’s so close to civilization yet so overgrown it seems to have remained hidden.

The Dempsey Hill area gets its name from General Dempsey who was the commanding officer of the British forces involved in the D Day landing.  He was later in charge of the Malaya command and SEA Allied forces and headquartered in Singapore. 

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