Take me to church – Armenian Church

Toady in Singapore I explored the Armenian Church. It is supposedly the oldest Christian church in Singapore and was started in 1835. The church has a sort of simple beauty to it. I loved the many wooden windows and doorways that seemed to make it very airy. The altar is a painting of the last supper. The pews also date from before WW2.

In the garden behind the tombstones of some Armenians including those of the Sarkies family (of the Raffle hotel fame) cam be found.  They were placed here when the Fort Canning and Bukit Timah cemeteries were exhumed. There aren’t any actual graves here just the tombstones/memorials.

5 thoughts on “Take me to church – Armenian Church

    1. Lol yup. Having a “shorter” history plus the continuous rebuilding means anything pre ww2 is old. All these buildings (this church and the places I went yesterday) are on protected lists which means they’ll remain but some of the others I’ve been to are just waiting for the right developer.

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