A swift Half – Donabate

Today in Dublin I finally managed to get out for a recovery run after last weekends full marathon. As is my want I went a little bit overboard and ran a half marathon. Technically a new personal best for me. The last half I ran I feel I could have been a bit faster today I was certain that I physically could not have moved my legs even a tiny bit faster.

Little side note….the event was not very well organised…I did not really see this beyond a lot of traffic “chaos” but looking at the national media yesterday you would swear that people had died tragically trying to get to or from the event. I think headlines like “monumental disaster” should be saved for war zones, natural disasters and massive explosions that cause death and destruction not for people stuck in cars trying to go for a run on a Saturday morning…..

2 thoughts on “A swift Half – Donabate

    1. I track everything (total stats nerd) mostly used Fitbit for the last 2 years but trying out Stava recently. Take it easy – I’ve been very lucky injury wise for the last few years. Bit of pain today but that mostly a side effect of HM yesterday and a full last week. I’ll take it very easy this week


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