Remains of the Navy – Old Admiralty House Sembawang

Toady in Singapore I visited the Old Admiralty House. It was constructed in 1939 in the arts and craft style. It was called several things and served various purposes over the years; Canberra House (residence of the Commodore of the Royal Navy Dockyard in Sembawang), Nelson house (residence of the flag officer of the Malaya area), Almiralty house(when it housed the commander in chief of the far East station), ANZUK house (the gates still bear this name) and is currently used by the Furen international school who restored and maintain it. It will eventually be part of community and recreation facilities for the area which is where i live.

The first occupants were Rear admiral John spooner and his wife.  His story is one of tragedy as a few years after taking up residence the Japanese took over the island and Spooner was unsuccessful in trying to escape. His boat was run aground on an island off Sumatra and he died there.  A guest if his Admiral Phillips was also a casualty of the was. Shortly after visiting at the house his ship HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse were sunk with him on board.

Apart from the interesting architecture of the house the grounds also hold some interesting structures: a swimming pool which is supposedly build by Japanese POWs (there is also a story that it was built by English POWs). There are also a few lamp posts which indicate where the road would have run through the property. 

There is also a well preserved bunker/air raid shelter on the premises that we could wander into. The old toilet, light fittings and even an escape hatch were intact!

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