Marathon Man – Kilkenny

Today in Kilkenny I came to the decision to do a full marathon. I had signed up for a 30km run and the timing was in line with my training plan but I was concerned with starting college again on Monday I would no longer have time for 3 or 4 hour training runs. So on I changed my run today and set off to run 42km. This is my first marathon and I don’t really have a frame of reference beyond my own 20/30km runs but the hills of Kilkenny made this both a beautiful place to run and an absolute killer on my legs.

When anyone asked did I have a finish time in mind I lied and just said I’d be glad to finish but secretly I had a time in mind. I finished not far of what I’d hoped for and since I do most of my training at sea level I think I had not factored in the hills.

My goal was to do a marathon before I hit 40. I have achieved that with more than a year to spare!

Tonight I’m very happy but very tired and my hamstrings and calms muscles are doing the occasional spasm but I’m sure this will pass.

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