Haunted by stories – Old Changi Hospital

Today in Singapore we got a chance visit the old Changi Hospital. The only thing I knew about the place was people telling me it was haunted. I was a lot more interested in finding out the history of the place rather than to see if there were ghosts though.

It is interesting to note that the first building block 24 was originally built as barracks for the Royal Engineers (as part of the Kitchner baracks). Block 37 appears marked as hospital on the maps however reports suggest that it may have just been an infirmary. 

During ww2 the buildings would have come under Japanese occupation and was used as POW prisons. Some stories of hauntings seem to have come from this.  Most of the POW would have been moved to changi prison and other parts of Asia so their stay here would not have been long.

The hospital proper appears to have started in 1947 as the RAF hospital. It would have served not only the military personel but also their families.  It boasted a large maternity ward and one of the ladies who was with us was born there. 

Block 161 was built in 1962 as an expansion and also seved to connect the two older buildings With the addition of lifts making it easier for people to get around. With the withdrawal of the RAF the hospital became the ANZUK military hospital in 1971 and it was eventually handed over to the SAF i  1975 who also opened it up top the public and it became Changi Hospital an year later.  Thus it remained until 1997 when it was finally closed.  The buildings have remained as they are since then and there doesn’t seem to be any plans for them at the moment. 

The architecture and design of the buildings also tell of their uses and their periods. Different windows, tiles, doors and designs mark the 3 different buildings. The top floors of the buildings have wonderful sea views looking out towards pulau ubin. The light and airy feeling somehow made it feel less haunted and more melancholy. I’m glad I got a chance to visit this place.

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