Beaches and History – Sentosa

Today in Singapore, we set off to the southern tip of the island for some history.  Sentosa is now synonymous with Universal Studios and other recreational and touristy stuff , but on the western tip of the island stands Fort Siloso. It is the islands only preserved fort and was buikt in the late 1800s to defend Singapore’s port.

The fort was armed with 7 and 10 inch guns and later with anti aircraft guns as well.  While they were supposed to defend Singapore from the sea, they were turned inwards during world war II as the Japanese invaded from the north. 

Today it is a military museum and you can wander through the old tunnels and other structures. There’s also an exhibition about the war, Singapore’s surrender and later the Japanese surrender. Several guns from other defences in Singapore are now also on display here. 

As we were right by the beach we couldn’t resist dipping our toes in the water.  The water looked far cleaner than what I remember from more than 10 years ago which was the last time I was at this beach. We also visited the dubiously named southernmost point of continental Asia. I say dubious as there are other spots on the island further south and this is an island of sentosa island which is off Singapore islan and is connected to the continent  by 3 bridges. The actually aside it is still a pretty spot and the wobbly bridge itself is an adventure. I did wonder if it would be easier to swim across.

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