Doing too much – Civic District

Today in Singapore I had a totally full day.  Started off with a tour of the Raffles Hotel. It’s going to close for renovation tomorrow so we got to have a look inside. Started in 1887 by the Sarkies brothers it used to a beach front hotel and over the years several additions have made the building what it is now.  Several famous people and heads of state including Mandela, Micheal Jackson, Kipling have stayed here over the years. It is a beautiful building with a wonderful interior and design and it was nice to get a peek inside it knowing that even their “standard” suites are out of reach. 

I then had some hours to kill so went to have a look at Yaoyi  Kusama’s exhibition at the national gallery. A lot of her work was vivid and covered in dots. They seemed to be drawn from hallucinations she had as a child.  My favourite was the room with the flowers covered in coloured dots. 

I also discovered a nice place to eat at the gallery – Violet Oon, it had tasty local/regional food with good vege options and the service and ambience was fantastic as well. 

Then I went to visit the former Kinloss house. It was built as a private residence  in the 1900s and changed hands to become the residence of the Japanese consul, british officers mess and a boarding school for kids of the British military stationed in the area. It currently stands vacant.

Then (as if that weren’t enough)  I popped back to enjoy a bit of the civic district outdoor festival.  I think night festivals are great here.  The weather is cooler, and its nice to sit out with the lights of the city all around you.  They had closed off the roads and put up food stalls and I smacked on poffetjes and mochi  ice cream.

Totally tired by the time I got home but it was a fantastic adventure. 

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