Fairy dust – Sembawang 

Today in Singapore I was walking by a shop selling makeup and beauty products when this drew my attention. It seems to be marketed as some anti aging thing (Or even reversing the aging according to claims).

So many questions spring to mind. What exactly are snow lotus stem cells? Seeds? What is DNA RNA  in this context? A quick look at ingredients said Yeast (DNA) Surgeon fish (RNA). What is the DNA of yeast supposed to do? Is it really just the DNA? How did they arrive at 5.2 years younger? What is the metric? I am no biologist but a lot of this seems dubios to say the least and the internet provided nothing except various sources to buy it or blogs pretty much parroting the same thing. Is it basically just Apple juice (one of the ingredients)…

This has left me incredibly curious as to how marketing claims and ingredients are regulated in this country. 

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