Solo adventures – Dhoby Ghaut 

Today in Singapore I had a taste of history,  chinese medicine and sailing.

As part of the national heritage board we visited the Cathay building which was  the first air conditioned cinema here (it also held a thousand capacity much larger than current cinemas). It was used as the Japanese propaganda headquarters and had a rather gruesome history with heads being staked in the grounds as a warning.  Now only the facade (art deco style) remain. Ironically the new building was designed by a Japanese architect.

We then went to Macdonald house. At the time it was built it wad one of the tallest office buildings in the area and housed HSBC among others. It is more known (though I didn’t)  for the bombing that took place in the 60s during the Malaysia – Indonesia war (Konfrontasi).

The last stop was the House of Tab Yeok Nee one of the two surviving Chinese mansions.  Built in the late 19th century it had changed hands several times from being his residence to a station house, school, campus of Chicago university and very recently a Traditional Chinese medicine place. 

Finding myself in the area I made my way to harbour front to see the Mexican sailing ship docked here for a few days.  I found you could go up onto it and I took the opportunity gleefully. 

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