Stave churches and fjords – Solvorn to Mundal

Today in Norway we left our glacier base and headed towards Mundal. We had noticed some pretty spots on the drive over so stopped for a few pictures by the river.

At Solvorn we took the ferry over to Ornes to see the stave church. The ferry crossed another fjord offering amazing views. The walk up the the church passed through apple orchards and farms. The church itself is from 1130 which felt insane since it is all made of wood and wonderfully preserved. Parts of the exterior are from an even older church on the same site. It has carvings that are a little reminiscent of Norse mythology which may point to time when people were just converting to Christianity. The country is mostly Lutheran, so now it also has modern (1600s) elements from post reformation such as the pews and altar. 

By the evening we arrived at our campsite outside mundal. It was totally surrounded by mountain and fjords on all sides. We took a walk down to the village/town which is well known for being a booktown. The shops had closed but the shelves of books left around made me think of sitting there by the fjord reading…sigh…

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