It’s glacier time – Nigardsbreen

Today in Jostedal we had the biggest adventure of our lives. We had a first glimpse of the glacier we were going to be climbing onto from the car park.

We met up with our guides climbed into the kayaks like some seasoned explorers and off we went.  We were very lucky with a calm lake and a dry reasonably warm day. 

Hiking from the lake to the bottom of the glacier we got our crampons (spikes for our shoes) and ice axes we tied ourselves to each other and set off. We were very lucky again to be the only ones in the group so we could go very much at our own pace.  Our guide told us a lot about the glacier and pointed many of its features. It was very strange to be trusting the crampons when walking especially down hill what is essentially a block of ice but once you did you feel a lot safer (maybe).

After having sandwiches on the glacier we continued through an ice tunnel! After about 3 hours exploring the glacier we kayaked back and made our way to our stop for the night. 

It turned out to be somewhere with a simply amazing view. 

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