Grave details – Bukit Brown

Today in Singapore I went on another walk through Bukit Brown cemetery. We heard more stories about the people buried there many of whom were involved in the world war in terms of sending money to sending money to china to resist the Japanese (and were captured or fled due to this when the Japanese captured singapore). There were others who would have been involved in Chinese revolutionary activities in the early 1900s. The names are difficult to remember now but as they were mentioned, you realized that they gave their names to neighbourhoods and roads around Singapore. 

We also visited graves of more ordinary citizens caught up during the war such the 19 year old girl who was killed in the Japanese bombing. The cemetery itself was a site for one of the last battles during ww2. The bodies of the troops who died there were never recovered though bullets and other items were recovered during excavations. 

The graves themselves told stories with some depicting scenes from the stories of the three kingdoms, others of the traditions that are followed in different clans as well as the local or western cultures that had been incorporated over the years.

One thought on “Grave details – Bukit Brown

  1. This is a great glimpse into history and lost stories of those who were there! I love this post and the insight. I’m looking forward to following more of them. Come over to my space for a visit and share your feedback on some of my musings at: 🌸


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