Uppuma made easy – Sembawang 

Today in Singapore uppuma was specifically requested for dinner. Since I’ve been going on about how simple it is to make I documented it tonight.

The main ingredient is semolina or rawa. It according to wiki, is coarse wheat and is used in pasta making so maybe it’s not as difficult to find. I use a uppuma mix from the shop downstairs but this is mainly cause I don’t have to worry about having all the little ingredients at home.  There’s nothing very special about the mix – basically semolina, cashew, mustard seeds, dried chilli , ginger, curry leaves, urid dhal. Quantity approx a teaspoon each of the seasonings and a handful of cashews. 

For some this plus some onions will do but my mom always added veg so I do as well.  Today we just have carrots. So that and onions chopped up and fried nicely together with the seasonings, salt and nuts (this is nicer than with the mix where it goes in at the end) . Then add boiling water (about 3 cups to 200g of the semolina). Stir in all the mix/semolina and it should quickly get into coarse lumps in a few seconds of stirring like in the last picture. Turn down the heat cover and let it sit for about 5 mins. Stir through again to break up the lumps and you’re ready to serve. 

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