Island hopping – Southern Islands

Today in Singapore we hopped onto a ferry and went off to explore a trio of islands in the south of singapore. First stop was St John’s Island which used to be a quarantine station for cholera leprosy and other communicable diseases. It later housed a penal settlement and rehabilitation centre. 

Walking along we encountered a large population of cats and it appeared there were people coming to feed them regularly by the bags of cat food that was being unloaded from the boats. We explored a bit of the island to find some of the old buildings but most paths were fenced off.  

Walking across a pier we ended up on Lazarus island which had a wonderful cove with a rather wide sandy beach. The water was a bit seaweedy but nice and clean.  Couldn’t believe this was still Singapore. 

We hopped back onto the ferry in the afternoon and headed off to Kusu island. Meaning tortoise island it comes from a legend that a tortoise turned itself into a island to save sailors. The temple houses a Chinese temple and a Malay shrine. The Malay shrine sits on top of a flight of 152 stairs, it is rather peculiar as it doesn’t seem to bear the typical aspects on any particular religion. 

We found a little shaded beach as we came down from the shrine and paddled about in the water. The water was very clear and there were breakers so extremely calm as well. I’d love to come back here for a proper swim. 

There are plans to develop these islands into to resorts or casinos or something else.  When that happens they are going to become another Disneyland. Glad I got a chance to visit it before that happens and I intend to go and explore the place more. 

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