Find that quarry – Tampines 

Today in Singapore, I went for a walk in the East of the country. The quest was to explore the Tampines quarry. While it shows up on Google maps it isn’t really a developed park or recreational area so there aren’t any access paths to it. There are still worn foot tracks through the vegetation though and this is what we followed, climbing over and under logs at certain points to get to water.  Sand from this quarry was used in the reclaimed parts of the Airport. Now the hole is filled with water forming a large pond which is about 5km along the perimeter. The water is incredibly still and clear and it’s a beautiful spot. The paths are rather waterlogged and muddy though and occasionally it was difficult to tell which way to go. 

At one point we came across what appeared to be a farm. Wonder who it belongs to… 

We also found sand dunes – whether the sand is from this quarry or somewhere else I don’t know. 

There were also other interesting sites along the way. Someone has put up an ERP “gantry” along the path making us wonder why the tolls were not being used to maintain the “roads”.

We also passed several shrines, some a little more creepy than others. Coming upon these in the forest can be a bit unnerving at times. Again it is rather curious as who “made” and maintains them in such unaccessible spots. 

7 thoughts on “Find that quarry – Tampines 

    1. I was with people who had been there before so that really helped. There are a few points in from the end of Tampines ave 1/opposite Waterview condo. Pretty much have to look for any breaks in the tree cover and go in. From Google maps you can’t really see any paths.

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