Saying Goodbye – Kingscourt

Today in Cavan we set off into the forest to say goodbye to Sheba. Our little doggie died in January and we always planned to leave her ashes in what we think was her favourite place to run and play.

When we first moved to Ballyboina 13 years ago we discovered this forest on our doorstep and it became a place that we all loved to visit.

It was really nice to walk through the place and comment on how little it has changed over the years – it’s a little like an anchor point in our history.

We said goodbye and we cried a little. It worries me a bit that Poppy is getting old now and the time will come when we have to scatter here ashes in her happy place – this is a shame because I’m really fond of that part of the sofa 😁


Very last shot was taken about 2002! When both me and Sheba could climb a tree.

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