Kayak adventures – Pulau Ubin

Today in Singapore, we set off to try Kayaking for the first time. The decision to try it came from the fact that we would be doing some on our upcoming trip and didn’t want that to be the first time. 

We set off to pulau ubin in the morning which involved a little boat ride from the mainland. We hadn’t been here in over 10 years and we were trying to remember bits from our last visit which was a bit of an adventure. 

We chose something that would be guided,and it involved paddling in the sea as well as through the mangroves. I’ve been told that what we used were more like canoes since we sat in top of them rather than inside. It was surprisingly a lot more stable than I was expecting it to be. The sea bit was a bit tough as it was rough with boats around and sometimes having to paddle pretty hard to keep moving. But inside the mangroves it was totally calm and we are able to go slowly and listen to the sounds of the animals.

As I hadn’t prepared properly I didn’t take my phone or camera on the boat so there are only memories of that.  We did spend some time afterwards walking around the place, having a coconut ice-cream and finally heading back to the mainland as the sun started to set. We will definitely try kayaking again locally and a return to the island is also on the books for more exploring.

One thought on “Kayak adventures – Pulau Ubin

  1. Kayaking admist the mangroves sounds lovely! The last time I went, the Baltic Sea was rough and it was no fun. It was quite difficult to paddle actually, so I didn’t become a fan. Your trip sounds much more successful!

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