Wild and abandoned – Coney Island 

Today in Singapore, we ventured into more unexplored parts of Coney Island. After strolling through the marked trails we ventured down a trampled path through the grass. This lead to a wooden path through the mangrove swamps.

At the end lay a large fenced off mansion. Built by one of the Haw Par brothers (of the Haw Par Villa and Tiger balm fame) sometime in the 30s. At the time the island was called Pulau Serangoon. It later changed hands to an Indian businessman who wanted to create a leisure resort which seem to have fallen through. He seemed to have been the one who named it Coney Island after its more famous namesake. The island changed hands a few more times finally ending up in the hands of the government. A bridge to the island was created in the 70s and it was opened to the public in its current state only 2 years ago. 

The villa itself has stood through all these changes. Sever people seem to have “visited” it in the past. 

There were tours to the villa when it was first reopened but it has now been fenced off due to it being structurally unsound. You can still see a lot of the structure from the outside and it looks eerie enough even in the day time. 

There is definitely more to the park even if old houses are not your thing.

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