Stamps for Change – Ballycoolin

Today in Dublin I am returning a wedding invite to friends in Scotland – they pre-stamped the envelope and I giggled a little as Michael Malone sat on the queens head. 

Micheal was a republican volunteer killed by the British army during the 1916 uprising. The other brother on the stamp is William and he died in Ypres fighting with the British army in 1915.

Irish history is very complex. 

One thought on “Stamps for Change – Ballycoolin

  1. That is one of the concepts I’ve never understood: what is the point in waging wars if the enemy keeps on changing? I mean, look at Germany: enemy no. 1 in the second world war now almost at the centre of the EU. Then look at Russia: good guys, red scare, good guys, not-sure-what-to-think-of-them-guys. And the list continues. As mostly the innocent die anyway, what’s the point? To me it’s all about greed (money and power), nothing to do with protecting the innocent.

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