Fresh Air – Farmleigh

Today in Dublin the changing of the clocks saw me keen to enjoy the extra hour of daylight. My day started early with a trip to my office to do some research that would see me finish my massive cloud computing assignment. 

The weather here was amazing so I wore my running gear with the promise of a jaunt around the Phoenix Park once sufficient progress was made with my school work. 

Normally my runs are great for clearing my mind but today while it was a fantastic way to spend an hour I think my head swimming with various work and study issues by the time I was finished I found myself a little frustrated. 

My masters moves onto yet another phase on Monday evening and assigment deadlines, looming exams and other elements are keeping life full and interesting.

I was reading during the week about a scientific theory called the “headwinds/tailwinds asymmetry” and it has reminded me that for everything in my life that is pushing against me there is also an invisbale helping hand at my back pushing me in the direction of travel.

And for the audience of one – yep I could just have wrote “today in Dublin blah blah blah” and I would have made as much sense. 

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