Stolen Goods – Raheny

Today in Dublin I picked up some flowers to help brighten a day. 

I recalled that earlier I had been lamenting that I don’t really recall doing many science experiments in School despite them being on the  syllabus. I did however make a connection that might explain why. As I picked up these flowers a wave of memory hit me! When I was in school one of my science teachers was arrested and prosecuted for picking daffodils on a public highway. If my memory is correct he offered a defence that he was picking them so that the class could study chlorophyl and siphon effects under the microscope. 

I don’t know if he went to jail – but I do know I never got to look a pretty flowers in a science lab. 

One thought on “Stolen Goods – Raheny

  1. Your poor teacher! I was lucky in Nigeria, as our school was on a large area of land so we got lots of bits for science from the grounds itself.


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