Running Irony – Raheny

Today in Dublin before the sun got out of bed I pulled on my trainers and went for a 5km run. Today marks the first anniversary of me taking up running again. One year ago I started a couch to 5k programme and within a few months I was running 10km and late last year I completed a half marathon. 

One of the side effects of running was that my energy levels went up a massive amount and my mind was clearer and I became more effective in work and my general health improved. The clarity of mind and general sense of wellbeing made me think about going back to school to study a masters. Some might suggest that I done this on a whim but I’d like to think that I considered it very carefully for an entire weekend.

This is where the irony kicks in. I’m loving the course. It’s hard going but I think that’s the point. My real issues is that I’m struggling to make time for my runs which means I’m starting to lose the clarity of mind that inspired the whole insane idea. 

The anniversary of me starting my running adventures seems like a good point to renew my efforts to make time for something so important.

Today was a very slow 5km a few months ago I was rountinly running that distance in 23 mins. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to balance a hetic workload, studies and exercise but I know I need to try.

And finally for the audience of one – just got off the train a stop too early so I’m glad to say that you are not the only one.

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