Art walk – Singapore Art Museum

Today in Singapore, I went to check out the Singapore Biennale which was in its closing weekend. I’m not much for staring at art but this usually involves installations and stories which are interesting. The entrance way to the National Museum had this big globe which on closer inspection was made of cookware. Pretty from afar and interesting upclose.

Another was an interactive thing which was like stepping into a kaleidoscope. It was disorienting and beautiful at the same time. 

Some one had also tried to imagine what the skeleton of a makara might look like – a sort of chimera creature in Hindu mythology. 

Another installation spoke of colonization, it was made up of materials that would have been exported from this region during the colonial periods such as the figures which are made of gold plated nutmeg.

This room held an installation that was to represent migrant workers and a sense of home – them building homes for us here to perhaps make homes for themselves.

I also stumbled across maps of Sri Lanka based on old and modern maps overlaid with images of colonization, civil wars and other social issues in the country. 

3 thoughts on “Art walk – Singapore Art Museum

  1. I sometimes like to think up my own interpretation of a piece of modern art before looking at the description. Sometimes I am so off the mark that I wonder if the description goes with a different piece. It is a fun game. I like the blue ‘stuff’


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