Nirvana for Breakfast – Ballycoolin

Today in Dublin as I restocked by store cupboard I began to question the marketing strategy of my breakfast choice. There was an article online this week about Buddhism being the 3 largest religion in Ireland. An it was this revelation that I began to think that while the breakfast is tasty Wholefoods do seem to waltzing on a belief system for profit. When I visited Sri Lanka earlier in the year there was reports of tourists being jailed for disrespecting temples and holy places. There is every chance that I’m over thinking this but I also think that if Wholefoods released “Christian fruit loops” or “Vishnu flakes” as breakfast cereals some people world be upset.

3 thoughts on “Nirvana for Breakfast – Ballycoolin

  1. You made my brain think on all possibilities we could have by naming things with religious things! Bottled water: “Jesus tears” or bran cereal: “Holy touch”:)

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