Kasia says Goodbye – Raheny

Today in Dublin we hosted a party for a friend that is leaving Ireland to go on a new adventure. I’m delighted for her and part of me is so glad to see her make a bold move and take a chance on a new life. 

In the last couple of years I have said goodbye to so many friends. Some of these people have left my life because contacts have ended and it’s time for a new challenge. Some have gone because their life in Ireland was always a temporary point in a larger life and they were always passing through. 

As I sit typing my blog tonight I’m a little sad for what had now passed but happy thinking that my life has been enriched everytime I meet someone new. 

Godspeed Kasia and all that have passed before you and that will pass in your footsteps – my life waves at your braveness and I hope that if my time comes and I world of choice I’d before me I will embrace it like you and many or my wonderful frinends before.

2 thoughts on “Kasia says Goodbye – Raheny

  1. You now have some one else to miss and be missed by 🙂 As hard as it is, it is kind of amazing that we have friends scattered all over the world. It is also a testament to you that all these people made you an important part of their lives.
    Also that jenga looks very precarious!!

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