Art and science combine – Marina Bay 

Today in Singapore we explored the Art Science museum. Starting with Escher’s works which were rather interesting, even to someone who isn’t too into art. 

We moved on to interactive displays of light and kinetic games. A lot of it was reminiscent of what one of our augmented reality professors used to teach / research about. 

The highlight for me though was the NASA space exhibition. It took us through the early years of space exploration both from the US and the Russian side, the evolution of rockets, Apollo missions and lunar landings, space suits and current spaceships. They also covered the unglamorous aspects such as space diapers. I also got to go on a G force simulator which was fun. 

4 thoughts on “Art and science combine – Marina Bay 

  1. That really does look amazing I’m very jealous. I spent about 15 hours in the Kennedy space centre a few years ago and only left because it was closing and they would not let me stay. I got badly burned walking around a “rocket garden” wherebthey had sample of lots of the ships and rockets used.

    You need to tell me how the like show is linked to augmented reality

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    1. Oh the augmented reality thing is more to do with interactive displays. Sort of like kinect (in fact they were using it in some of the displays). If you pass through it or put your hand/ certain coloured objects etc the display would change as it detected it. There was a projected mural with animation and if you touched it the animation would change… I had way too much fun with that.

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