6 thoughts on “Personality tests – Woodlands 

  1. I’m utterly baffled by the need for these tests and would be very concerned if anyone in your company took anything they say seriously. I think it would be the same as making decisions based on astrology or what you find inside a fortune cookie in a bad Chinese restaurant. They are a bit of fun and beyond that i would not look at them too seriously. Even in the crazy world of psychometric testing Myers–Briggs are kinda popular but not really regarded.

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    1. Well I’ll find out if they say anything about it on our bonding day… Though the fact that we had to take these for that leaves me a bit weary about what it will entail. Yup I’ve totally got an open mind about this :p

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  2. The organization I work for is obsessed with enneagrams. They even organize a week long camp in Italy where every day evolves around the different personality types. I can’t see myself getting so swept up in this but it was fun to do the test 😊

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