Searching for the Rail corridor 

Today in Singapore, we set off in search of the Rail corridor. This used to be the the old train line linking Malaysia and Singapore and ran across the country. It was closed some years back and most of the tracks taken off. The track line now forms a flat green “corridor” that cuts across the country. People use it for treks and bike rides and there are plans to develop it into more of a park and works have already begun in parts. I wanted to have a plod along it before it becomes more civilized. One of the difficulties (at least for me who is directionally challenged) is to find one of the entrances to it. There are several unofficial maps with entrances marked but some are nothing more than an acess through the grass. I thought that by picking one with an obvious landmark it would be easier. But on making our way there we found our access barred by a locked gate. The rather overgrown state of the way there should have given us a clue. 

(yes that’s a bicycle hiding under there) 

We doubled back and not to be deterred tried a different approach… This time it led to private property. We were almost ready to give up when we noticed a slightly more worn patch of grass to the side and tried down there. We had finally made it to the northern most point of the Rail corridor. 

The initial strech of 3km or so was wonderfully cool. Trees surrounded us on both sides and there was hardly anyone in sight. 

We came upon more open areas as we continued further south, while there are lots more interesting bits to explore, the sun beat down mercilessly and we called it quits for the day around the 6km mark. The rest is for another day.

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