Forgotten Resevoir – Keppel Hill

Today in Singapore, for about 2 hours we walked around a forest and felt like we were in a different place altogether.  We were on the hunt for a resevoir that was “rediscovered” a couple of years ago that dates from the early 1900s.  The path (as it were) is just a little more trodden than the dense forest around us and without the help of those wo had been there before it would have been difficult to find. 

We first came upon the tomb of a Japanese civilian Naval engineer who had come here to work for Mitsubishi in 1942 and died 4 months later according to the inscription. It was rather odd, as Singapore has a Japanese cemetery and this very large tomb, with a platform and steps up to it in a very isolated spot seemed very out of the ordinary. 

Moving along further, picking our way over and under logs and vines, we came upon the resevoir.  There is still water in it and apparently it used to be a swimming pool at some stage. The sunlight trickling through the foliage gave the place a wierd green light. After a bit of poking around we headed back out to civilization by climbing further up the hill and onto mount Faber. 

It was very nice to be able to explore a completely wild place in the middle of the city, and find things hidden away for years.  I’m glad I got to have a look before it gets redeveloped into something. I wonder what else this island hides. 

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Resevoir – Keppel Hill

    1. Part of a group… My sense of direction would have had me wandering in circles in there!! Absolutely no paths! The reservoir is big enough that you’d stumble into it eventually but the tomb unlikely.


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