In memoriam – Kranji War Memorial 

Today in Singapore, we visited the WWII cemetery and memorial site. It mostly contains the graves of over 4000 colonial soldiers from the UK, Australia, India, New Zealand, Canada, Malaya, Sri Lanka, and Netherlands including about 800 over unknown soldiers. It also has the memorials for over 24000 whose remains were never found as well as additional memorials for those cremated and buried elsewhere. I was surprised at sheer number of soldiers killed in battle in the defence of Singapore and Malaya as well in the sea and air over south east Asia. As sombre as the place was it is a beautifully maintained place to stoll and take in the history or sit down for a bit of reflection. 

5 thoughts on “In memoriam – Kranji War Memorial 

      1. Yes, nothing at Kranji that I could see on the shelves, but no one on duty. Just eviidence that he was there and died as a POW.. Found that much on Ancestry, or somewhete….


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