Bull and Stats – Clontarf

Today in Dublin the only picture I took was snapped while I was out for my run. I had been thinking I’m at the stage where I need to stop bringing my phone with me as it’s holding me back from achieving my goals.

I don’t have a pocket in my running shorts that is suitable for my phone. The pockets are too shallow and the phone too heavy leaving me feeling like at any moment I could find myself tripping over my shorts as the collect around my ankles.

This is a snap short of pathway to Bull island. While taking it the wind caught the iPhone 6 Plus and helped me speed up. It acted like a giant sail and helped me achieve at least a small goal.

I’m trying to routinely run 5 or more KM midweek and aiming for a 10km of constant running over the weekend. The time for me is not massively important it’s more that I can achieve a reasonably low heart rate for the duration of my run.

This evening is the first time that I have come close to doing this since I took up running again. It suggests that my general fitness levels are improving.

It’s a very small thing and for most people this is just tedious nonsense but this evening I feel truly great about setting a goal and achieving it.

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