Books are like windows – Woodlands


Today in Singapore, I visited the library armed with recommendations. I love reading fiction and immersing myself in stories, like windows into fantastical lives.
I occasionally go through periods of not knowing what to read either cause I’ve exhausted a particular author or am tired of a genre so getting recommendations are always handy.  The only problem is days like today when I find everything interesting based on the blurb and bring them all home! 

2 thoughts on “Books are like windows – Woodlands

  1. I love my Kindle and haven’t visited the library in years. As my son is a bookworm, I noticed it’s much easier to borrow stuff from the library for him as you never know which book he’s going to enjoy. Last time I was there I borrowed a bunch of books for myself too but I just don’t seem to be able to pick them up. I’m so used to reading on my Kindle that I’ve estranged myself from physical books…!!!

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    1. I think I’m a little like your son which is why I still visit the library. when I’m picking up random books I don’t know which I’ll like. Also enjoy browsing and picking up books. I haven’t found it as easy in the kindle store. I stick to buying books I know I want to read and likely reread for the kindle.

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