The Rising – Dame Street

Today in Dublin the city celebrated 100 years since the uprising against the British that led to what would eventually become the Republic of Ireland.

It’s been interesting to hear so many people take an interest in Irish history in the last couple of months as the country built up the hype to this day.

After the rising we had a war of independence then a civil war and many of the issues that surround the partitioning of the country remain unresolved many years later.

I’m a little baffled by the pageantry today, mostly because as a country we seem to be a little unsure exactly what we were celebrating.

It was fun to see the army, navy, guards, fire service, ambulance service and the prison guards all in their fineary on mass plodding throught the streets of the capital. 

The atmostsphere in the city was nice, a little odd as I think people did not know what to make of the whole event. It seemed odd to be clapping as tanks and artillery rolled down the street that only a week ago was scenes of drunken madness.


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