Recycle – Sembawang


Today in Singapore, as I went down to dump a bag of recyclables, I realized that having these bins so easily accessible is a relatively new thing. Some years back we used to get green bags that we could fill and keep outside to be picked up. Somehow rembering to put it out on a specific day seemed more difficult. Maybe it was just never having to think about putting the regular bin out to be collected.

Even with the bins being everywhere now,  the karanguni man still comes by time to time and we always seem to have a big pile of newspapers to give if nothing else.

7 thoughts on “Recycle – Sembawang

  1. does all the different stuff get dumped into the same bin and then sorted later? i only ask because we have a “green bin” that is collected from the front of the house but there is restrictions on what you can dispose of.


    1. Yup all in there and then sorted… The front of it says what you can and can’t put in there… I’d say the similar restrictions as your green bin…


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