Letters from Afar – Ballycoolin 

Today in Dublin I received a very unexpected letter in the post. My friend Jenn (not her actual name as her name was unpronounceable to anyone with an Irish accent) sent me a letter in the post like we all did in the olden days. This just arrived out of the blue and was totally unexpected. 

One of the downsides of making friends with the “foreign” people that come to my country is that they very often leave just as your friendship is forming. Over the years I have lamented this but have come to the conclusion that I would much rather suffer the hurt of having these people drift through my life than to have never have known them. 

I’m not sure if Jenn will make it back to Ireland or how soon we will managed to visit Sounth Korea but I know I’m looking forward to saying thank you in person for the lovely letter I received.

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